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frequently asked questions:

How many homes are in Lennox?
As of March 2024, Lennox has 50 completed townhomes & is under construction with 8 condos.  We have plans to build approx 70 +/- condos (subject to change).  The construction is going down the hill away from the current buildings.

What is Lennox zoned?
Lennox is split zoning: Partially unincorporated Jefferson County & partially unincorporated Shelby County.  

What schools would your kids attend if they lived in Lennox?
Lennox is split between two counties, so it would depend on which home.   The homes zoned unincorporated Jefferson County would be Grantswood Elementary, Irondale Middle & Shades Valley Highschool.   The homes zoned unincorporated Shelby County would be Oak Mountain Schools.  The condos currently under construction will be zoned Oak Mountain.

What is the application process like?
Lennox is first come first serve on applications.  Our application is on the main page of our website.  The application consists of a credit check, background check, evictions check, rental history & verification of employment/income.  We require a 650+ credit score, but look at the full report as well.    Anyone that is 18 years & older that would live in the home is required to fill out both the application & the screening.  

What is trash pick up like?
Lennox trash pick up is done by AmWaste.  They come every Thursday (except if trash day falls on a  holiday, they usually come the next day).   You are alowed one rolling bin and those with garages must keep the bin inside except on Thursdays.

What is your pet policy?
Lennox allows 2 pets max.  60 lb limit, some breeds restricted.   We do a one time non refundable pet fee of $300/pet  Any questions before applying?   Just email and ask!

How many cars do you allow per home?
Lennox has a good bit of different floor plans, so it would just depend on which floor plan. 
The cond
os/townhomes will range but overall, Lennox offers anywhere from 2 cars to 6 cars! 
All of the 4 bedroom homes have atleast 4 parking pl

Is Lennox gated?
Yes.  The gates close at night & open back in the morning.  Every Tenant at Lennox would get a gate remote and there is a gate code for guests.

Where is the nearest Fire Department?
Lennox is zoned for Rocky Ridge Fire Department, which is approx. 2 miles away.

Are the townhomes/condos gas or electric?  
The townhomes are gas:  heat, water heater, cooking & most come with a fireplace.   (Dryer is electric)
The condos will be total electric:  heat, water heater, cooking, fireplace & dryer.

Are utilities included?
Utilities are separate from rent.  For the townhomes that would include Alabama Power, Spire Gas,
Birmingham Water Works, AmWaste Trash & Spectrum Cable & Internet.  For the condos it would be the same, minus the Gas.

Are tenants in charge of lawn care?
Tenants are only in charge of lawn care if it is a fenced in area/backyard.  Some do not have backyards, some have more of a "courtyard"/low maintenance and some have sod.

**We just started this FAQ page and will be adding/updating periodically! 
Please reach out with any questions we missed!

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